Experience the wilderness, feel the power of untamed nature and realize the smallness of the man kind. The wilderness here is very bleak – and by that also amazingly beautiful. Even Finnish people say there is something magical here: the peace, the quietness – and the feeling that you are really part of a much bigger picture. By hiking here you can meet some of the arctic animals. You will never forget the experience when you first see a wild reindeer – or tens of them at the same time – in their own environment. The night time can be very lively too – especially at the summertime when The Sun doesn’t set at all.

We have many unique destinations for hiking. Would you like to have your accommodation in a tent – or maybe take hiking day trips from a cabin? We can offer many great destinations for you to experience in different kind of landscapes, different kind of stories and different kind of demands for your healthy. Each destination is big enough to hike for several days without going around the same landscape. From our organized packages you can choose to spend one or more days in one destination or experience it all at the same trip – it is all up to you.

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Paistunturi Wilderness Area: Paistunturi is a large continuous wilderness area in the Northern Lapland. The landscape typical for the wilderness area consists of fell heaths and mountain birch forests. There are also aapa mires and palsa mires in the area.

Muotkatunturi Wilderness Area: Muotkatunturi Wilderness Area is literally a wilderness area: there are no marked trails, and only few open wilderness huts. The rolling fells, the beautiful Lake Peltojärvi and fast-flowing rivers of the Muotkatunturi area give the landscape it’s individual appearance. Mountain birch forests and fell heaths dominate the wilderness, but there are also old pine forests and aapa mires. The melodious names of the places in Sámi language describe the lands and the waters in the area.

Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area: Kaldoaivi is the largest wilderness area in Finland. The landscape of this roadless fell area varies surprisingly from deep, steep river valleys to gentle fell slopes. The protected mires of Sammuttijänkä-Vaijoenjänkä are connected to the wilderness area on the southwestern side. The unbroken wilderness does not end at the Finnish side of the border, but the roadless area continues to the Norwegian side, too. Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area is suitable for day trips as well as treks lasting for several days.

Vätsäri Wilderness Area: In Vätsäri you can experience the astonishing silence of a wilderness in it’s natural state. The eastern parts of Lake Inarijärvi with their rugged shores and numerous islands belong to Vätsäri Wilderness Area, as well as the large forests with water areas between the Norwegian and the Russian borders. Vätsäri Wilderness Area is part of the Finnish-Norwegian-Russian protected area entity called Pasvik-Inari Trilateral Park (www.pasvik-inari.net). The remote location of Vätsäri, south of the Koltta Sámi village of Sevettijärvi, behind the large Lake Inarijärvi, near the Norwegian and the Russian borders, in roadless backwoods, means that mass tourism would never disturb the peace of the area.

Kevo Strict Nature Reserve: In Kevo Strict Nature Reserve, you can experience the Lapland landscape at it’s most wondrous.The 40-km-long and at some places almost 80-metres-deep canyon-like valley of the River Kevojoki forms the core of the area. The rest of the nature reserve is fell highland crossed by gentle slopes of ravines. There are also large tundra-like open mires.

Lemmenjoki National Park: The legendary River Lemmenjoki leads into the homelands of Lapland’s indigenous Sámi People. Experience the wilds and try panning for gold on a guided river trip.

Varanger and Arctic Ocean coast (Norway): Varanger offers a great setting for a wide range of outdoor experience and wilderness adventures in one of the northernmost and most unspoilt areas. Here you will find extensive unspoiled wilderness, rugged mountains, lush river valleys, the reindeer and the wild animal world anyway.

Example package *

  • Arrival day

    Transfer from the airport. Dinner will be served soon after arrival - and sauna after eating. Your accommodation is in a cozy cabin close to magical River Teno.

  • Hikign days

    After the breakfast we head to the wilderness. Our guide will be with you all the time. Tempo of the hiking goes with the fitness of the group. You can enjoy the lunch in the nature. In the evening we will come back to the accommodation.

  • Departure day

    After breakfast we transfer you back to airport.

group2-8 persons

euroFrom 150 eur per person per day

compassTransfers, accommodation, meals, programs tailored from your wishes

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*This is an example of the possibilities and the price level. All experiences are tailored according to customers wishes and the final prices may differ from the ones stated here.