Northern lights

The colorful, various dance of the northern lights fading to the total silence over the nocturnal sky represents the magic and the perfection of the nature. You feel so small while watching the skyfilling and phenomenal silent dance above you in the middle of the wild, wide and silent landscape. Witnessing the northern lights is at least once in a lifetime experience. Describing them is like describing the feeling of falling in love or the miracle of life – unique – you have to experience it yourself.

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The more north you go the more likely it is to see the northern lights. In Utsjoki area it is possible to see the northern lights in three nights of four – if the sky is not totally covered with clouds. We organize experiences for small groups where people already know each other – like families, friends, companies… The accommodation will be in one or two cabins.

This in truly an unique opportunity to be one the priviledged who can experience something extraordinary like this. We will tailor the experience and the program just for you – with individual guiding and serving, of course. Depending on the weather and your energy levels we can choose daily from the different kind of destinations to see the northern lights:
– in the wilderness up in the fells, transported by a snowmobile pulled sledge
– the coastline of The Arctic Ocean in Norway, transported by a car
– one of the magnificient places around the area either in Finland or Norway

We want to offer you an amazing northern light experience so we don’t have timetables or durations for hunting the auroras. When there is a possibility to see the northern lights we will do everything we under our power so you would see the natural firework on action. But during the year there might be circumstances even we – as naturally very powerful magicians – can’t change. In that case we have other life changing experiences for you to experience.

Our northern lights experiences are normally organized from Thu to Mon (5 days/4 nights) and Mon to Thu (4 days/3 nights). At the daytime you can do different kinds of activities in the area – depending on the season. All our packages include Sámi culture and local habits experience. You come here as our guests and you can do the things we are doing here in our everyday life. It is also possible to organize optional day activities over the Arctic area for extra payment.

Link: Auroras Now! is a space weather service maintened by Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) to help watching auroras in Finland.

Example package *

  • Arrival day

    Transfer from the airport to cabin and dinner. Northern light tour.

  • Arctic Ocean day

    After the breakfast we leave to see Arctic Ocean coastline and villages at Norway side. You will hear stories how people are living up north along the day. In the evening northern light tour.

  • Sámi culture day

    Today you will learn about Sámi culture and experience activities like reindeers. In the evening northern light tour.

  • Departure day

    After breakfast we transfer you back to airport.

group2-8 persons

euroFrom 1800 eur per person

compassTransfers, accommodation, meals, tailored programs based on your wishes. Possible options and day programs are easy to organize for you.

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*This is an example of the possibilities and the price level. All experiences are tailored according to customers wishes and the final prices may differ from the ones stated here.