Everything here is unique and has this special Northern spirit. So in case you love to see the world around you trough your camera’s lens – please be prepared for the feeling that you don’t want to to let the camera down from your hands while you are here! Our photosafaries are planned so you can take stunning photos about the arctic nature. We guide you to the best spots where you can catch these precious moments to your memory card. Transportation is handled with car, snowmobile or boat – depending on the season, and the places you want to go. All our safaries are tailored exactly from your needs. In our tours taking photos is just one part, other is to experience the activities you are taking photos of – enjoy the diversity of life.

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Our themes are:

Northern lights
How can you describe the magic that happens inside you when you are in the middle of nowhere, on a fell – and the amazing, starry sky all over above you starts to dance in magically bright colors? Just for you.
You can’t. It is like telling someone all the emotions you feel when you are falling in love – you just catch a scrath. Visit us so you can fall in love yourself. Then you will know.

Hills and wilderness
Do you want to know how does it feel to be Thumbelina? In the wilderness of the arctic area you really can catch that feeling. The landscape is hilly, but you can see clearly over miles. And the sky has never been that wide! Here you can capture the big picture – and also concentrate to small things off the beaten track.

Arctic Ocean coastline
It is amazing to see how the landcape changes when you reach the coastline of The Arctic Ocean. You can also feel the mighty ocean miles before you arrive there – it is somewhat magical. And when you reach it, you will feel like you just came to a sacred place: the fresh smell of the green ocean, mountains, forests, screaming birds in the wilderness and small and pittoresque Norwegian villages with colorfull and fairytale like stugas with grass on the roofs. And lambs. Lots of cute lambs.

Birds and animals
Open your eyes, concentrate – and you will see. The amazing thing about wilderness is that it rewards you right in the moment you don’t expect it to happen. So let your eyes wander around, and let the nature surprise you. It might reward your concentration by giving you an arctic fox in the middle of it’s curvy path. You notice it right in the moment it sees you. The wild animal freezes on it’s footsteps, stares straight to your eyes and soul – and you will just never forget the feeling. Or maybe the nature wants to give you an eagle that majestetically soars over you when you least expect.

Sámi culture
Respect the nature, we borrowed it from our children. That is a remarkable guideline we could all learn from Sámi culture. Did you know Sámi people have several hundred words just for different kinds of snow and around 500 words related to reindeers? The Sámi language is very describing: with just using a one word for example of a hill you can paint the landscape and what kind of slope is there. Magical! And the local sagas? Oh, they are just mind blowing!
You can for example meet a local shaman who is a messenger between this world and the unseen. Or you can meet reindeer owners who live the lifestyle they learned from their fathers and ancestors. Or are you interested in ancient sacred places, or Sámi art like handicrafts of traditional ”joiku” the way of singing the feeling. Tell us what your wishes are and we make them true.

Midnight sun
Remember the last time you felt you would love to stay awake and sleeping is just the waste of time? Take that feeling and come to experience the nightless night, where The Sun just shines on in the middle of the night. Midnight sun is an experience that feels like a dream. Your body is a bit tired, your watch shows that it is three am – but the birds just keep on singing and the nature just lives it’s sacred life and doesn’t care whether your mind can handle the extraordinary situation. Power of nature.

Arctic nature
Our nature is very sensitive, it recurs really slowly, that makes it even more unique environment to take photos. We feel priviledged to be here, and we are sure you will feel that too.
Because of the uniqueness there is so much magic in this area. The best thing is that after spending some time in here you will find something important about yourself.

The Sun. Amazing mind blowing nature around you. The quietness. Clear waters. Plenty of fish. All the time in the world – and you. That is an experience you will never forget. Not even if you enjoy it so much you forget to the take photos about it!

Camping and hiking
Want a life changing experience? This might be your first step. Come as you are and leave with the inner peace. There is something so unique in this nature that it really rips you from the roots based on hurry, worries, duties and time. You will just forget them while exploring the wilderness. And once you forget them, you don’t want to take them with you. Luckily you don’t have to – let them just be blown away by the fresh arctic wind.

Example package *

  • Day 1

    After lunch we are go to the nature for taking photos. First day theme is filming the hills and wilderness.

  • Day 2

    At the second day we will filming Sami life. We are taking photos while Sami guide is telling you about Sami culture, reindeer herding and living up the north. At the daytime it is possible to experience different kinds of Sami activities.

  • Day 3

    At the third day after early breakfast we are driving to Norwegian coastline for taking photos. There will be unique possibilities to take photos from different kind of birds and from Arctic Ocean coastline. Lunch will be eaten during the trip.

  • Day 4

    At the fourth day we are packing our backpacks after breakfast and going to hike in the wilderness. While hiking we are taking camping photos. Lunch will be served by campfire.

  • Day 5

    Fifth day will be macro filming day at wilderness. You will film arctic plants and herbs in gorgeous wilderness. At the end of the day there will be debriefing of the week.

group2-8 persons

euroFrom 1500 eur per person

compassTransfers, accommodation, meals, programs tailored from your wishes

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*This is an example of the possibilities and the price level. All experiences are tailored according to customers wishes and the final prices may differ from the ones stated here.